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Given my deep-seated hatred of the badly-written love letter to dangerously toxic relationships that is the entire Fifty Shades franchise, I immediately wanted to write about this.Which, given that I only wrote yesterday about the fact that I'm struggling to write lately, was quite a pleasant feeling - thanks, deeply pervy bot-makers!So the moment you get your housing resolved, yes, therapy for you, whether you're stuck or not.A support group might also help you on the cheap -- check NAMI (org) for listings.I'm so glad he provided a picture, because I was having trouble picturing what being "tied up" might mean.Although, this is Christian Grey (well, sort of), so I was kind of imagining he might mean that he was planning to tie me to some train tracks, or something. But being a bot based on Christian Grey, they seem to have programmed it never to respond to genuine concerns about consent or abuse. But this is a bot based on an abusive character we're supposed to wet our pants over and being such, it is a bot that doesn't take no for an answer and that's specifically because it's based on Christian Grey.

But, this is actually quite similar to the Christian Grey I read in all three books; ignoring concerns in favour of his own needs is a big trait of his, so well done, bot-makers, even if this was unintentional.

Dear Carolyn: Arriving from a work trip, I texted my fiance that I had landed safely and would be home soon. I'll bring home pizza for dinner." Thirty minutes later: "Actually, I can't be in a relationship anymore. We aren't getting back together." He then blocked my number and signed our shared home over to me in full. I'm a level-headed person and can safely say I could not see this coming. - Ghosted I think you're as close as you can get to an answer in treating this as a death.

I sold quickly as I can't afford the mortgage on my own, and I have not found another place to live yet. We were a family and lived together for four years. My son is broken-hearted at losing the only dad he ever knew. In our few brief conversations, he agrees with that assessment. Something so sudden and transformative and final (with the added slap of his having chosen it) has a set of rules of its own -- along with license not to hold yourself to any rules too tightly.

down there." But we're talking about a character who's decidedly rape-y in the books.

I am not okay with anyone creating a bot that doesn't recognise the word "no" at all, but I am especially not okay with anyone creating a bot based on a blatantly abusive character and (seemingly) deliberately programming it to point-blank ignore the word.

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